Sleepy Newborn Photoshoot with Fyshcreative Photography 

New Born Baby photography is an art - you have to have lots of patience to get the perfect shot! This patience will be well worth it though, as your baby is only a baby for a very short time!  You'll want to remember his or her tiny fingers and tiny toes, as well as their wrinkled skin folds and tiny button nose.  

You can choose the backdrop & general colour scheme for your shoot, along with full use of all my props. Simply choose either my Digital only or Digital & Album package.  I normally edit around 36+ images from a newborn session, but there may be more if your baby settles really well.

How old does my baby need to be for the shoot?

I usually only do newborn baby shoots up to 2-3 weeks of age. The perfect age is around 10 days old when your baby's umbilical cord has dropped off and your baby has his or her belly button. Exceptions can sometimes be made if your baby is born prematurely. Please ask me. Generally, once your baby is older than 3 weeks old, they will be too alert for the sleepy newborn shoot, so I recommend going for the Baby & Me session instead or the Tummy Time session. Please ask me for info on these shoots.

How long does the shoot take? 

On the day of your shoot, I allow the full day, so we are not under any time pressures. I will be ready from 11am and you can come anytime between 11am - 1pm, depending on your baby's feeding schedule. Your shoot can take between 2 - 5 hours, depending on how well your baby settles, so allow plenty of time. The session is completely baby-led.    It's not unusual to spend the first hour settling your baby, before we even take the first photo.

It's important that you come prepared to be patient and that you are relaxed too.  I spend plenty of time settling your baby and ensuring they are comfortable and safe before we take the first shot. We never leave your baby unattended in / on any prop. You can stay right by your baby, just out of camera-shot to give cuddles, should you need to.

Why does my baby need to be asleep for the shoot?

When your baby is awake, he or she might stretch out, wriggle or cry, which aren't great poses for the camera. So, at this age, its works so much better if your baby is sound asleep for the photos, so we can transfer them from prop to prop without disturbing them.  

Preparing your baby for the shoot

Bring your baby fed and content, with extra food too as being a top-model is hungry work! It also helps if you swaddle your baby in a blanket, rather than dressing them, in case undressing your baby for the shoot disturbs them. I do most of my images with baby undressed, but swaddled or partly wrapped. If you are breast feeding, stay away from strong flavoured foods before the shoot too.

What should I bring with me to the shoot?

You don't need to bring outfits, as your baby will  be either undressed or swaddled for the images. Aside from that, bring plenty of food and plenty of nappies! If you want to bring any specific props, please let me know in advance, so i can plan this into the session.

Can my other children be involved?

As the sleepy newborn shoot requires so much patience, I do not recommend you bring other children, especially other young ones as they will get very bored, very quickly as my studio is only small.  If you would like other kids involved, I recommend the Baby & Me shoot or the Tummy-time shoot instead. Please ask me for details.  

The Digital-Only package £260 

 There is a minimum fee of £260 for my Sleepy Newborn package, due to the length of time, skill and patience required in a newborn session.  This fee includes all 36+ fully edited, digital images from your shoot. These can be downloaded from your private on-line gallery or can be sent via dropbox or supplied on datapen. 

The Digital & Album package £385

This package includes all your 36+ fully edited, digital images from your shoot, plus a £25 discount on your beautifully designed 8' by 8' sized photobook, with your choice of images. 


    Individual Prints:

6" x 4" Small Print £5.00 

7" x 5" Small Print £7.00 

10" x 8" Small Print £8.00 

12" x 8" (A4) Small Print  £10.00 

12" x 16" (A3) large print £20.00

24" x 16" (A2) large print £30.00

30" x 24" (A1) large print £45.00

Personalised 8' by 8' Album with matching case & 20 pages £150

These cute albums are a fun way to display your images and make a great keepsake. I can design these in a choice of colours.

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