Fyshcreative Photography | Powder Paint Session - Family / Baby Options

Want to something totally FUN? Why not book a powder paint session? This can be done with the whole family on-location or can be booked in studio as an alternative to Cake Smash, if your child is turning one!

How much is the session?

The shoot ... It is just £40.00 for the shoot, which is payable when you book, to reserve your slot. This price includes the powder & one 5 by 7 print.

Buying prints ... After your shoot, I'll then edit a gallery of photos for you to choose from and you can order from my standard price list.

What is a Colour-Fun shoot all about?

For Groups / Families: I will meet you at an agreed location, then the fun begins! Like an on-location photoshoot, we can take some nice photos of you to start with, then we use packets of coloured dye to create some seriously colour-fun photos! You can run, chase and throw the powder all over each other - in fact, it will look like you've been to your very own multi-coloured festival! I will supply several packets of coloured dye for the shoot.  

Powder Paint Photoshoot, DoncasterPowder Paint Photoshoot, Doncaster

For your baby: If we do this an alternative to cake-smash, when your little one is approaching their first birthday, the shoot will last around 45 mins to an hour. I do the sitting in 3 stages. I Firstly do some birthday inspired photos then Ill bring the powders out and we pop them down in front of your baby for him or her to touch and feel and cover themselves in!  Afterwards, I bring the bath-tub out and fill it with a little bit of warm water & some bubbles, to clean them off and to take some cute bath-time photos too, to complete your session. The whole sequence of events makes for an adorable batch of photos. Your baby can rock three outfits during this shoot. One outfit for their birthday style photos, which won't get dirty, then one for the powder bit, which will get a little messy. I recommend just shorts or a tutu so their skin is on display! They can then rock a cute swim wear set or bath cap at the end too. Bring a towel and baby wipes for them for afterwards and old clothes for you because you may get covered in coloured powder too! Warning: This type of shoot is NOT for the faint hearted! It is very messy! Be prepared! It helps if your baby is used to getting dirty. Let them play with flour or sand or something with a similar texture to get them used to the feeling of having this substances on their hands and skin.  

Powder Paint session, DoncasterPowder Paint session, Doncaster

Is the powder safe?

This powder is completely safe and non-toxic; However, with any fine powder, it is recommended  you protect eyes and avoid inhaling excessive quantities while using it. Throwing powders are a lot of fun, but should ALWAYS be used responsibly.

Will it wash off my skin?

Yes, with a bit of soap and water the colour will wash from hair and skin - don't worry if it doesn't come out straight away. In cases of heavy powdering, you may experience some temporary colouration of hair and skin. Repeat washing may be necessary.

Will it stain clothing?

The dye I supply may stain clothes. Choose your clothes for the shoot carefully! I recommend old jeans and a plain white t shirt or vest 

Is it environmentally friendly or bio-degradable?

The powder I supply is almost entirely food grade raw materials so there will be minimal impact on the environment.

Powder Paint Photoshoot, DoncasterPowder Paint Photoshoot, Doncaster

Want to know more? 

Tel 07834 912507 / 0800 246 1986 for more info or to book your shoot.