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Hannah Whitby (Eli Cake Smash)Charlie Corns (Xmas Mini)Kelly Moore (Xmas Mini)Laura Pownell (Xmas Mini)Fallon Parker (Xmas Mini)Abbygail Childs (Xmas Mini)Aeyesha Twiby (Xmas Mini)Leigh Fletcher (Xmas Mini)Korin Grundy (Xmas Mini)Morgan Ellan Jones (Xmas Mini)Joanne Leng (Xmas Mini Shooy)Samantha Newton (Xmas Mini)Stacey Halliwell (Xmas Mini)Sarah Heath (Xmas Mini)Jo Jo Harvey (Xmas Mini)Sarah Wriggles (Xmas Mini)Aeysha Twiby (Enya's Sitting Up Session)PRIDE OF ROSSINGTON 2021Bridie Walker (Draft Gallery)Bridie Walker (Studio shoot)Becky Barnes (Family Shoot)Joanne Leng (Studio Shoot)Lauryn AitkenJo Jo Harvey (On Location)Hannah Wilson (Rex - Sleepy Newborn)Lang (Baby Book Design - Draft 1)Korin Grundy (Baby Roy's Baby Plan)Korin Grundy (Tummy time)Breda McGlone (Cormac's Cake Smash - Mark ii)Breda McGlone (Cormacks Sitting Up)Breda OBrien (Sleepy Newborn)Korin Grundy (Roy's Sleepy Newborn)Em & Jake Smith (Finn's Cake Smash)Em & Jake Smith (Finns Sitting Up)Ellen Heath (Franks Cake Smash)Ellen Heath (Franks Sitting Up Shoot)Ellen Heath (Franklin's Sleepy Newborn)Leigh & Frank Fletcher (Jacks Tummy Time)Leigh Fletcher (Newborn)Aeysha Twiby (Enya's Tummy Time Shoot)Ksenia Bartuleva (Frankie's Cake Smash)Ksenia Bartuleva (Frankie's Book Design One)Breda McGlone (Cormac's Cake Smash)Morgan Ellan Jones (Malena's Sleepy Newborn)Sophie Wilcox (Mia's Cake Smash)Lauren & Kieran Barnard (Ella's Sitting Up)Abbey's Graduation (Full Gallery)Samantha Buckham (Quinns Cake Smash)Sarah Lang (Jacob's Baby Plan)Aimee Bee (Acers Sleepy Newborn)Wheatley HotelBridie Walker (Outfit One)Bridie Walker - Outfit ThreeBridie Walker (Outfit Two)Becky Barnes (Cake Smash)Luke Reddish (Nellie's Sleepy Newborn)Jo Jo Harvey (Elia's  Sleepy Newborn Shoot)