Smash The Cake.... Lets get messy!

If your little one is approaching their first birthday, a cake smash session can be great fun! You can choose your backdrop from my collection and the colour of your giant cup cake too. I can cater for food allergies and I can also do a fake-cake smash too, with my realistic looking pretend cake!

What is a Cake Smash session 

Your shoot will last around 45 mins to an hour. I do the sitting in 4  stages.  I firstly do some birthday inspired photos, in which your child will not get messy.  We then use props such as flour, eggs, bowls and wooden spoons etc to make it took like your child is 'making' their cake! Then we bring the cake out and your baby can smash it / eat it / bash it with the wooden spoon etc! Afterwards, I bring the bath-tub out and fill it with a little bit of warm water, so I can take some cute bath-time photos to complete your session (Modesty is ALWAYS preserved). The whole sequence of events makes for an adorable batch of photos!     

Be prepared to get messy yourself!

Be warned, even if you don't join in (which you can), you may still end up covered in cake with a real cake-smash, when your baby decides he or she wants a cuddle! The whole family can join in, including siblings fro one or two pictures too! Why don't you have a food fight? The more mess the better!                        

What should my baby wear during the session?

Your baby can rock three outfits during their shoot. One outfit for their birthday style photos, then one for their 'making' session,  and one for their actual cake smash.You could even bring a cute bath-cap for the tub time pics at the end too. 

What should I bring with me?

Bring a towel and baby wipes for them and come in clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Warning - a real cake smash is NOT for the faint hearted! It is very messy! YOU will leave messy, your child will be covered in cake, even I will be covered in cake. Be prepared! 

Preparing your baby for the session

Unless you choose the Fake-Cake option, it helps if your baby is used to getting dirty. Let them play with flour or icing in a safe environment to get them used to the feeling of having these substances on their hands and skin.

What is a Fake-Cake smash session

Your session will last around 30 - 45 minutes & I also do it in 4 stages. We do the Birthday inspired photos first, then we bring the props out but I use rubber eggs instead of real ones so your child will not get messy at all, but it will still look like they are making their cake, with my bowls and props. Then I bring out my magnificent pretend cake. Its realistic looking and looks good enough to eat! Your child can play with the cake for some cute non messy images. We then pop them in the bath tub at the end, but without any water in it. You get all the fun of a real cake smash but without any of the mess!

Cake Smash, DoncasterCake Smash, Doncaster Cake Smash Photoshoot - The CakeCake Smash Photoshoot - The Cake

All Inclusive Digital package £200

This is an all-inclusive shoot only and includes your Cake or use of my fake-cake, full use of my props and all edited digital images. I normally edit around 60 - 80 images in a cake smash session. These will be supplied by download from your private on-line gallery  or can be sent via dropbox.

The Digital & Album package £325

This package includes all your fully edited, digital images from your shoot, plus a £25 discount on your beautifully designed 8' by 8' sized photobook, with your choice of images. 

You can order extra prints if you wish or why not include a beautiful keep sake album?

Individual Prints:

6" x 4" Small Print £5.00 

7" x 5" Small Print £7.00 

10" x 8" Small Print £8.00 

12" x 8" (A4) Small Print  £10.00 

12" x 16" (A3) large print £20.00

24" x 16" (A2) large print £30.00

30" x 24" (A1) large print £45.00

Personalised 8' by 8' Album with matching case & 20 pages £150

These cute albums are a fun way to display your images and make a great keepsake. I can design these in a choice of colours.

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