May 03, 2018

Lynn and Paul got married in Cyprus at Yermasoyia Cultural Centre. which is a renovated hall in the village of Yermasoyia, which is approximately 10 minutes drive from Limassol town. The Cultural Centre features traditional stone-work including an amphitheatre and is set in beautifully kept gardens with an air-conditioned wedding room, plus a gazebo outside, for weddings in the open air. When I found out about the venue I was really excited - afterall, how many weddings do you get to shoot, with an amphitheatre as a backdrop? 

The surprise gate-crashers ...

They had their ceremony outdoors, in the beautiful gardens, under the gazebo. The ceremony was held early at 10.30am, before the Cypriot sun got too hot. They chose the venue it was really easy to book from England and the staff made the planning of their wedding stress-free.  The wedding itself was a small elopement. They invited only 11 guests - or so they thought! It just so happened that 2 of the brides best friends had got wind of the fact I was going to shoot the wedding and they begged me to help them gate-crash! The bride is my hairdresser and I know her quite well, as well her 2 best friends, so I took the risk of organising for them to come too, and stay with me in Limasol and gate crash when the couple arrived at the Cultural Centre. My heart was in my mouth the whole morning in case the 'surprise' did not go down well with the bride, who had sworn me to secrecy that she had chosen me to shoot her wedding. I covered the bridal and Groom prep at the RAF camp, where the Brides sister was living at the time. It was quite exciting to go on to an actual RAF camp - I even had to have a special security pass! When we got the cultural centre, just as the bride walked in, her two friends jumped out from behind the wall, were they were hiding. Luckily the bride was happy to see them once she got over her initial shock! The exact words to leave her mouth when she saw her friends were ' what the actual FUCK - I feel like there is something wrong with my HEAD'. Everyone was crying and laughing at the same time.

The Death Rocks ....

During the ceremony they had several beautiful readings from friends and family. It was so emotional. There was not a dry eye in the building. This was followed by family photos in the amazing grounds, before the whole party, plus the two gate crashers, travelled in the mini bus to a lovely, local beach, known as Ladies Mile. The reception was due to held later on in the afternoon, at the wonderful Polis Taverna, but before that, the whole wedding party  enjoyed drinks at Ladies Mile beach, while the kids played in the sea. After a couple of hours at the beach, where the groom and his mates even played rugby in the sea, the mini bus dropped myself and the Bride & Groom off at the RAF camp, for some photos on the coast / rocks, while the rest of the guests headed to the Taverna & to the camp, to decorate both venues ready for later on. We got some stunning photos with the Cypriot coastine in the backgroup, in the sea and on the rocks. However we had forgotten to bring some water with us and there was no shade anywhere. It wasn't long before the bride started to feel really ill. Unfortunately, the wedding party took a while to return,and when the mini bus came back, Lynn felt like she needed to go home and be sick / lay down / die in a corner!

However, when she got to the Polis Taverna, her friend bought her a can of coke and this helped her to come around a bit! They had decorated the Tavern with rose petals (which strangely smelt of fish) shells and candles to give the tables a relaxed seaside vibe. A lovely meze meal followed, which was heartily enjoyed by all the guests, even the bride when she came round from her death-rock trauma. The meze dishes kept coming and coming, delicious Greek salad, dips, Chicken Kebab, Beef Stifado, Rice, Moussaka. It was a feast fit for a king & Queen, not just a newly married couple from Doncaster! After the Taverna, all guests headed back to the RAF camp for a party at the Bride's sister & Brother in Laws house, which had already been transformed into a magical wedding garden, while we had been almost frazzled to death on the rocks! The groom and his mates wasted no time getting in the hot tub, while the girls sat about chatting & laughing  The first dance was a romantic slow dance, and they finished off the evening with a party, involving shots, more hut tub fun and yet more tears. The rocks are still affectionately known as 'Death rocks'  & I still have a giggle with the bride that she nearly died on her wedding day, when ever I see her.

The couples favorite part of the day ...

Lynn says 'My favourite part of the wedding would be hard to choose it was all so lovely but no would say everyone going to the beach and having a relaxing drink in the sun been surrounded by people who I love and knowing they love me too and seeing Paul take a sip of his drink with his wedding ring on, finally my husband'.  Lynn says 'Me and Paul have been together 13 years. I was 17, Paul was 21, I had secretly fancied him for a while and decided one night I would go and find out a bit more about him, unknown to me he had secretly fancied me too! We instantly hit it off and have only ever spent 15 nights apart in 13 years!  My dress was from needle and thread it's a really beautiful collection of really beautiful dresses and I ordered it and loved it straight away, it was perfect for the hot weather. The adult bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS they needed nipping and tucking in. This was completed by Ace Alterations in Doncaster and she did a amazing job - you couldn't tell they had been altered. The little bridesmaids dresses were from Matalan, perfect fit and cheap. The accessories we got from eBay, we got wrist flowers, fans, flowers, hair clips and even though they were not expensive, they looked beautiful (going to show you really don't have to pay loads for the little bits)'.  

Advice from the couple when planning your own wedding ...

Lynn and Paul say that if you’re planning your wedding, the biggest piece of advice they could give you is 'simply not to take things too serious (as in colour schemes, inviting people you don't see from year to year, table decorations, where you buy your dress from, what people will think) and relax into it. At the end of it all your getting married for you and your partner; it's about making you as a couple happy and your day is your day, live it, love it, enjoy it & don't stress about it'. Lynn says make your wedding day, YOURS and have fun. she also says Cyprus wedding are so easy there is no need for a wedding planner, just ring the town hall and get in contact with a register office.  It's cheap and easy! 

People who went the extra mile ...

Lynn also says 'The people who went the extra mile undoubtedly, were my sister and brother in law who lived in Cyprus at the time. They put there heart and soul into making it a fabulous day, running around making sure everything was booked and sorted and made everything run as smoothly as possible. I loved how they turned their garden into a magical beautiful place, to have a small personal wedding reception! My oldest sister who bought my wedding gown as a gift to me, and my friends who did a 37 hour round trip just to see me get married because they didn't want to miss it, that touched me on a level that I've never felt before.  It was completely selfless and stunningly amazing that they did that for me. Also, Vicky, who travelled all the way to Cyprus to capture our wedding and all its emotions. She kept a professional and extremely friendly attitude throughout and gave us more than we could of imagined. It really felt like she was a part of our day and that made it just lovely'. 

Lynn and Paul’s wedding in Cyprus was an amazing day and just the happiest day, even though there were tears aplenty and a near death experience. Here’s their gorgeous elopement!

The ringsThe rings



With Salty kisses, we are now Mr & MrsWith Salty kisses, we are now Mr & Mrs




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