October 22, 2018


Craig and Kayleigh got married this September on a fairly cold, rainy day but the pair of them consider themselves winners what ever the weather as they had a horse racing theme. Their top table was called French Hollow, because the groom jokes that this horse is the reason he got stuck with the bride! One day, he had been to the races at Doncaster and won a lot of money backing that horse. He then walked into their local pub, The Poacher, very cocky in his suit and red shirt and that was the day she first properly noticed him. Kayleigh says 'he has a very cute bum in a suit!'.  The couple have now been together for 7 years this Christmas, but had known each other as friends before that. Their story began when Craig plucked up the courage to kiss her in the Labour Club & the rest is history, as they say. Their family consists of Alfie (age 10), Isla-Rose (age 4), Luna the giant French rabbit and Rudi the springer (both age 3)!

Craig and Kayleigh got married this autumn at the Holiday Inn at Warmsworth. They chose the venue because of the price & locality. It was important that it was somewhere close so family could easily get there. Both Kayleigh & Craig are very family orientated.

The excitement before the wedding

Craig got ready at the Brides Mothers house with Alfie and the Brides step dad & his best man, Westie, and the atmosphere was calm & collected. Craig didn't appear to have any last minute nerves. The boys then headed  to the ceremony. Once they arrived, and were joined by the other Groomsmen, the groom gave out gifts to all the men. They all got a specially engraved pocket watch.

Kayleigh got ready at the hotel itself, with Isla Rose, her mum and her bridesmaids including both her sisters. The Bride then only had short walk from her hotel room to the room where the wedding was to take place. 

The ceremony

The ceremony was a beautiful service in the main hall. at the Holiday Inn. During the ceremony they had several beautiful readings from friends and family. It was so emotional and so beautiful.

The reception

The reception was in the same room as the ceremony, however, it had been partitioned off for the ceremony. Now the venue staff had opened the whole room.  They chose Holiday Inn at Warmsworth because it was the right place & location. They had a Racing-themed wedding, because as the bride says 'Going to the races is something special that me and Craig enjoy together every year for his birthday (we go to the November handicap) and also was special for my Grandpa; his favourite horse was Red Rum which was one the table names. Other table names included Desert Orchid, because it has become a family tradition to back grey horses. Kayleigh says 'my Mums Nana always backed grey horses and my Mum has kept up this tradition'. Kayleigh says 'Mum has plenty of luck with the grey horse tradition lol'.
The room was decorated beautifully. In addition, the bride & her step dad Sean created an amazing memory ladder, which actually became a work of art for them, carefully created with lights & flowers. On this ladder they included photos of everyone who is sadly no longer with them. 

They had a drinks reception immediately after the ceremony, followed by family photos. For dinner they had a 3 course slap up meal, which was absolutely delicious. They also played speech bingo. In the evening, they had a party with a disco. The first dance was just between Craig & Kayleigh to Kodaline, The One, but then they had a second dance which involved getting the whole wedding party getting on the dancefloor. The dance they got everyone up was to Earth Wind and Fire, Sepyember as the lyrics are 'do you remember the 21st Night of Sptember' - the date of the wedding! 
The bride was then surprised by Alfie, with a special dance just for the two of them to One Direction, History. This was the point I left them to it, to get tipsy without a camera constantly on them!  The bride also had a dance with her Father in Law, Pete. He managed to walk to her, without his sticks, which really touched Kayleigh. They danced to Celine Dion 'I’m alive'.


Craig and Kayleigh’s wedding was full to brim with love. Here are a few images from their special day.



Details of the day



Bridesmaid Dresses:



Kayleigh also wants to give to a shout out for the flowers. These were made by  Cheryl Jones. Kayleigh says 'She’s fantastic and very well priced does real as well as artificial'.

Kayleigh says 'My favourite part of the wedding for me was when my Dad, Sean and Alfie first saw me and then when Craig first saw me, when I walked up the aisle. And the dances. I obviously enjoyed dancing with my husband but the special dance with Alfie and also the dance with Pete were just amazing. I can’t really say what my favourite bit was because the whole day was just beautiful and I couldn’t of imagined it better'.  
The couple say that when you’re planning your wedding, the biggest piece of advice they could give you is to just take a minute to enjoy the day, as it goes so so fast. Kayleigh also says 'Our day wasn’t just about me and Craig it was about family, at one point I just stood and looked around and was overwhelmed with all the love in the room, appreciate every little moment and take time to take in all the small details that you probably spent months perfecting'.



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