Your Wedding - The biggest day of your life!

I have been shooting weddings since 2008. I aim to make your whole wedding-photography experience as stress-free as possible. To start with, Ill pop out to see you to show you my portfolio and sample albums and have an informal chat with you about your big day. Just text your wedding date to 07834 912507 and I can check my availability and arrange to come and see you for a chat.  I want you to book me because you love my work and think I will 'fit in' on your day. I have  a both a half day and a full day option and I like to explain these to you in person so you are clear on exactly what is included with each package. This way, you also get to meet me and decide for yourselves if I would 'fit in' with your day. Hiring a wedding photographer is a big choice as there are lots of us out there, hence why I feel it is important we meet together for a chat and so you can see my work in detail.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Half Day Package £695 (Around 4 - 5 hours)

Includes: Arrival at Venue, Ceremony, Family Photos & Wedding Breakfast

Full Day Package £995 (Around 10 - 12 hours)

Includes: Bridal Prep, Groom Prep, Arrival at Venue, Ceremony, Family Photos, Private Photos, Wedding Breakfast & Evening Reception

Your pre-wedding shoot...

I'm well aware that a lot of people, especially men are not a fan of having their photo taken. For that reason, I offer a pre-wedding shoot with both wedding packages, just so can practice in front of your big day. 

Pre Wedding Photography, DoncasterPre Wedding Photography, Doncaster

Planning your photography schedule...

In the run up to your big day, we will work together to draw up a list of key shots required on your wedding day. It helps if you can nominate the best man or maid of honour on the day to help me 'round up' people for the guest photos - but all this info and a lot more is in my Wedding Photography Contract. On the day itself, I'll work in 'Chapters' to a pre-agreed time schedule to capture all of the action on your big day, in natural, reportage style - with just a little bit of posing / traditional photography thrown in for the formal group photos. Don't worry if things don't go to schedule on your day, I'm flexible and will roll with it! 

A run down of how I work (Full day example)...

I usually start with the Bridal Prep..... This involves capturing all the action as you get ready with your attendants.   I then go an shoot the action with the groom. The average groom doesn't really spend much time getting ready, but there is still plenty for me to capture, from the rings, to the suits hanging up to general action shots. Once all the prep shots are done, I then go to your venue to take photos inside and out; and get your guests arriving. The Groom will arrive, all ready for action too, so I can some images of you with your Groomsmen, while you are awaiting your beautiful Bride. Then everyone will be ushered inside and I will take photos of the moment the Bride herself arrives. As the bride, you'll probably be feeling the nerves at this very moment, there might even be a few tears! We take two or three shots outside, before you get ready to walk up the aisle or red carpet to say your vows. Once I have done the shots of the bride outside, I then quickly run into position inside your venue to capture the action of your ceremony itself. I'll take photos of the Groom as you see your bride for the first time, and of the bride, as she comes up the aisle or red carpet. During your ceremony, the key moments  I look for are the Exchange of Rings, the First Kiss and Signing of the Register. I do like it if either one of you gets a bit emotional. I love capturing that 'real emotion'. After your ceremony, I will lead you out for your family photos. I like to keep this bit of the day very carefully planned, so that your group photos go swimmingly. I start with the biggest group and work my way down, till just you two are left. I can include any combination of family groups you like, but do ask it you keep it to a maximum of 15 groups for this bit (we usually only have an hour, that's allowing 4 minutes per group photo, for rounding up people and organising them). Of course, I can always do shot with friends and other groups later in your day, so if you have a big wedding party, don't panic!  After we have done all the group photos, it is usually straight on to your wedding breakfast ....I will go in your room after you have checked it out to take photos of how pretty everything looks, before all your guests enter and from then on, it is usually a case of capturing the action, speeches and cake cutting as it happens.  After your wedding breakfast ends, there is usually a certain amount of loitering time before the evening do starts. I use this time to whisk you away and do some 'private photos' by which, I mean that no one is allowed to follow us with their camera phone! Once we have done these pictures, Ill mingle with your guests and capture the action.  I genuniely love shooting your Evening Party - by this time, your guests will have relaxed a bit and will usually ask me to take their photos, which I am more than happy to do, as well as your capturing the general shenanigans of the evening - ending sometime after your First Dance. The last photo I take, is your venue, just as I leave, so I can formally 'close' your photos. It is very important to me to capture the start, middle and end of your photos as a 'story'. 

Want to book / Meet me for a chat...

Now you have read all this and got a feel for how I work, please contact me on 07834 912507 to arrange a chat about your wedding photography. I look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your wedding plans!  Please contact me for a quote on 07834 912507 or via the Contact Me form on this website. I am happy to answer any question you may have. 

Thankyou for looking through this info, Kind regards, Vicky Fysh, Fyshcreative Photography!

Wedding Photography, Doncaster - Big Red BusWedding Photography, Doncaster - Big Red Bus