The All Inclusive Baby Plan £500

This is fabulous year long money-saving plan for your baby. It includes 4 shoots over your little ones 1st year, with ALL your photos included from each session, plus a generous discount on the total price of £500 as each session is worth over £200 on their own, including the sitting fee and digital images.  Of course, if you don't want the whole plan, you can book any shoot individually, as a stand alone sitting and then choose the images you want from each session instead.

The plan includes:

  • Sleepy Newborn before 3 weeks and all 36 digital images from this session (if there are more images, these will be also be included)
  • Tummy Time at 6 months and 60 digital downloads 
  • Sitting up / Powder Paint at 9 months and 60 digital downloads 
  • Cake Smash for 1st Birthday and all 60 digital downloads 

Your sittings will build up a beautiful keepsake set of images that you will treasure. I keep a theme running through all my baby sessions. I like the finished pics to feel light and airy. I use gentle, pastel & neautral colours for my backdrops and recommend baby is just in skin or minimal, plain, neutral clothes for each session so your little chubby monster really is the main focus. I have a range of props I use with each session and I'm always building on this prop-collection. 

Here is some information on each shoot.

The Sleepy NewBorn session

£80 as a stand alone session, with one free 5 by 7 print

New Born Baby photography is an art - you have to have lots of patience to get the perfect shot! This patience will be well worth it though, as your baby is only a baby for a very short time! You'll want to remember his or her tiny fingers and tiny toes, as well as their wrinkled skin folds and tiny button nose. I do all of baby shots, with baby just in their skin, undressed, without nappy too. After your shoot, I'll edit a gallery of a minimum of 36 photos, however if your baby is a super top-model, there will be extra pics to chose from too, which I always include at no extra cost. 

​​​​​​I usually only do newborn baby shoots up to 2-3 weeks of age. The perfect age is around 10 days old when your baby's umbilical cord has dropped off and your baby has his or her belly button. Exceptions can sometimes be made if your baby is born prematurely. Please ask me. Generally, once your baby has passed 3 weeks old, they will be too alert for the sleepy newborn shoot, so I recommend waiting until they are at the Tummy Time age. You can bring props yourself too, like headbands or nappy covers. If you have any other specific props you want to be included, just let me know what you are going to bring prior. I have done newborn shoots with golf bags, daddy's shoes and tyres before, so let your imagination run wild! You don't need to bring outfits, as your baby will  be undressed. I do all my newborn images in just skin.  Aside from that, bring plenty of food and plenty of nappies! As newborn requires so much patience, I do not recommend you bring other children, especially other young ones as they will get very bored, very quickly. I recommend the Tummy-time shoot as the perfect time to get sibling photos. At this age, your baby will be able to interact with his or her siblings for some perfect family images.

Newborn Photography, DoncasterNewborn Photography, Doncaster After the Sleepy Newborn shoot, things get a lot simpler! Your other sessions will only take around an hour each. 

The Tummy Time Session 

£40 as a stand alone session, with one free 5 by 7 print

I book this session with you when your baby can lay on their tummy and comfortably lift their head by themselves, without struggling - usually around 5 to 6 months. Again using pastel colours, blankets and props, we build up a series of cute images of your baby, on their tummy, looking directly at the camera. We can bling them up with flowers, pearls and hats for a supercute look. If you want to include siblings, this is the perfect age to bring your other kids too. 

Baby Photography, Doncaster - Aydin & AylaBaby Photography, Doncaster - Aydin & Ayla

The Sitting Up / Powder Paint Session

£40 as a stand alone session, with one free 5 by 7 print

When your baby can sit up all by themselves without wobbling - usually around 9 months. They may even be trying to crawl! In keeping with my baby theme, we use pastel colours and pretty props to showcase your little darling. Clothes are optional, chubby babies look so much cuter with just shorts or a tutu. If you'd like to incorporate this shoot with a powder paint session, after we have some nice sitting up images, I will bring out my powder paints and we can let them get stuck in. Choose optional  tub-time at the end of this session too! 

Powder Paint session, DoncasterPowder Paint session, Doncaster

The Grand Finale: The Cake Smash Session

£40 as a stand alone session, with one free 5 by 7 print

Lets get messy. I do this in 4 stages, first some birthday pics, then we make it look like your baby is 'making' their cake with props such as flour and eggs and then we bring the cake out as the finished article (think, here's one we made earlier!), then we let them 'smash' it! Its very messy and not for anyone with even a touch of OCD! At the end, you can choose Tub-Time if you'd like to clean up your baby a bit before taking them home! 

Cake Smash Photoshoot, DoncasterCake Smash Photoshoot, DoncasterI do my cake smash photoshoot in 4 parts: Birthday, Making, Smash & Tub Time.
Look at this little cutie 'making' her cake!
Because babies are babies ...... 

If you bring your baby for one of their sessions and they don't feel like being a top model that day, meaning I am not able to create a full batch of photos, we can repeat any session (a small surcharge of £15 is required to repeat your cake smash or Powder paint Session). This does not mean I will repeat the session if your baby doesn't smile - It means if your baby is in obvious distress and we cant complete the session because they are so unhappy we aren't going to get any pictures at all, then it is no problem to re-book that particular session. However, I allow plenty of time for each sitting and I have bags of patience so your shoots are never rushed. We go at your babies own pace!

How do I book my baby onto the Baby Plan? 

When you book in for the Baby Plan, I will take details of your due date if you little one isn't here yet, or their name and birth-date if they are. I will then plan out your shoots in my diary and we can pre-set these days. Ill schedule a reminder email before each shoot, then we are good to go! If we need to make changes to the planned dates, that is no problem - It all depends on how your baby progresses during their 1st year.

Contact me to book in .... Tel 07834 912507.