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Smash The Cake.... Lets get messy!
If your little one is approaching their first birthday, a cake smash session can be great fun!
What is a cake smash session
The shoot will last around 45 mins to an hour. I do the sitting in 4 stages. I firstly do some birthday inspired photos. We then use props such as flour, eggs, a bowl and wooden spoon for example to make it took like your child or their older sibling(s) are making a cake! They can get messy with the prep - its great fun! Then we bring the cake out and your baby can smash it / eat it / bash it with the wooden spoon etc! Afterwards, I bring the bath-tub out and fill it with a little bit of warm water & some bubbles, so you can clean them off and so I can take some cute bath-time photos too, to complete your session. The whole sequence of events makes for an adorable batch of photos!
We let them get very messy. I provide a giant personalised cupcake from a professional baker for the shoot, which has your child's name on it. You can tell me what colour you would like the cake to be.
What should my baby wear during the session?
Your baby can rock three outfits during this shoot. One outfit for their birthday style photos, which won't get dirty, then one for their 'making' session, which will get dirty and one for their actual cake smash, which will also get dirty! You could even bring a cute bath-cap for the tub time pics at the end too. This shoot can look super cute, if baby wears a frilly tu-tu or a super cute pants and tie set for the messy bit! Bring your own outfits or I have a couple of pink tu tu's for the girls and some bow ties for the boys.
What should I bring with me?
Bring a towel and baby wipes for them for afterwards, a towel and old clothes for you because you may get covered in cake too! Warning: This type of shoot is NOT for the faint hearted! It is very messy! YOU will leave messy, your child will be covered in cake, even I will be covered in cake. Be prepared!
Preparing your baby for the session
It helps if your baby is used to getting dirty. Let them play with flour or icing in a safe environment to get them used to the feeling of having these substances on their hands and skin.
How much is the session?
Just the shoot ...... It is just £40.00 for the shoot, which is payable when you book, to reserve your slot. This price includes the cake & one 5 by 7 print. After your shoot, I'll then edit a gallery of between 60 to 120 photos for you to choose from. You can choose extra prints from £5.00 or choose some digital images to download. Digital images range in price from £40 for one image to £250 for all 120 images. I also have some money saving packages available too.

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