Created 8-Sep-17
I have a range of baby shoots, from Sleepy Newborn to Cake smash and a Baby Plan which includes all the shoots, over your baby's first year!
Newborn: I use pastel backdrops or blankets in gentle colours and have a range of props for posing your baby. The finished images will look light and airy and as I do all newborn shoots just in skin, or maybe a nappy cover, little rolls of fat and cute little toes will be the key features.
Tummy Time: Again using pastel colours, blankets and props, we build up a series of cute images of your baby, on their tummy, looking directly at the camera. We can bling them up with flowers and hats for a supercute look.
Powder Paint session: A fun alternative to Cake Smash. We bring out the powder paint for some messy-play. We let them get colourful before whipping out the tub, for a few pics tub-time pics of them, before you use the warm water to get them cleaned up!
Smash The Cake.... Lets get messy!
If your little one is approaching their first birthday, a cake smash session can be great fun! The shoot will last around 45 mins to an hour. I do the sitting in 4 stages. I firstly do some birthday inspired photos. We then use props such as flour, eggs, a bowl and wooden spoon for example to make it took like your child or their older sibling(s) are making a cake! They can get messy with the prep - its great fun! Then we bring the cake out and your baby can smash it / eat it / bash it with the wooden spoon etc! Afterwards, I bring the bath-tub out and fill it with a little bit of warm water & some bubbles, so you can clean them off and so I can take some cute bath-time photos too, to complete your session. The whole sequence of events makes for an adorable batch of photos!