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Created 27-Feb-16
Modified 24-Mar-17
From Newborn right through to 1st Birthday, I have a range of Baby shoots available. I keep a theme running through all my sessions. I like the finshed pics to feel light and airy. I use gentle, pastel colours for my backdrops and recommend baby is just in skin or minimal clothes so your little chubby monster really is the main focus.

Newborn: I have a range of props for posing your baby, such as a mini bed, scales and boxes etc & use accessories including girly, flowery headbands and cool hats for the boys. I do all newborn shoots just in skin, or maybe a nappy cover, so little rolls of fat and cute little toes will be the key features.

Tummy Time: Once your baby can lay on their tummy and lift their head all by themselves, this is the perfect age for your next baby session. Clothes are optional; babies look so cute with just a nappy cover, tu tu or shorts at this age.

Sitting up / Powder Paint Session: A perfect age for photos once your baby can sit up all by themselves without wobbling over. In keeping with my baby theme, clothes are optional and we will use accessories / props. Once we have some nice sitting up portraits, we can bring the powder paint out for some messy-play! You can have some tub-time images at the end too - then use the tub to clean them up!

Cake Smash: Lets get messy. I do this in 4 stages, first some birthday pics, then we make it look like your baby is making their cake with props such as flour and eggs and then we bring the cake out as the finished article (think, here's one we made earlier!), then we let them smash it! Its very messy and not for anyone with even a touch of OCD! I'll bring the tub out at the end for one or two images too - but mainly so you can clean your baby down after the session.
Sleepy Newborn (within 1st 3 weeks)Tummy Time  (Usually around 6 months)Sitting up / Powder Paint Session (Usually around 9 months)Cake Smash (First Birthday)